Panel Session


Digitalisation and the Role of the Geoscientist

Room: Madrid 1

Wednesday, 8 November 2023, 2:30 p.m.–3:50 p.m.  |  Madrid, Spain

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The term "Digitalisation" has been widely used and abused in recent years. At its core, it means improving business processes by adopting cutting-edge software technologies running on improved hardware platforms. To maximize process improvement, three elements seem essential: Incorporate technologies such as advanced analytics, augmented reality, IoT, and artificial intelligence into our tools and workflows. Use open-source, industry standard, application-agnostic data repositories. Run seamlessly across applications in robust cloud environments. But what are the implications for Geoscientists and their skillsets? What threats and opportunities affect adoption? What must Geoscientists learn; how will they work? Where can they acquire the necessary skills? Moreover, what entirely new job roles may need to be created to support this transformation? To address these questions, thought leaders from Operators, Solution Providers, and Cloud Providers will present their views.

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Digitalisation and the Role of the Geoscientist
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