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Step Into the World of Global Energy by Visiting the AAPG’s International Pavilion

The AAPG International Pavilion (IP) is pleased to be participating at AAPG’s International Conference in Madrid, 6 – 8 November 2023. The International Pavilion provides a worldwide showcase for NOCs, Ministries and government agencies to promote a broad spectrum of investment opportunities in Oil & Gas, Geothermal, Mineral Resources Hydrogen, Renewable Energy generation and share government strategies for moving toward a low-carbon economy. The IP will also be hosting a special session of presentations from the exhibiting countries moving toward a low-carbon economy. 

Visiting the exhibitors in the International Pavilion and the presentations at Madrid will give attendees the chance to review a host of diverse energy opportunities and to meet directly with country representatives who know the geology in detail. Expect to come away with heightened insight into current and future global trends.

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ICE 2023 IP participants confirmed to-date:

icon Bolivia
Ministerio de Hidrocarburos y Energias
icon Dominican Republic
Ministerio de Energia y Minas
icon Morocco
icon Peru
icon South Africa
Petroleum Agency SA
icon Suriname
icon Tunisia
icon Uruguay