Geoscience Solutions to the Energy Trilemma

ICE provides an unparalleled opportunity for geoscientists to share knowledge, insights, and research to help guide the geosciences community to expand frontiers and unlock resources for future generations. The theme for the 2023 event in Madrid is Geoscience Solutions to the Energy Trilemma – affordability, security and climate impact. The energy transition is happening all around us, and the speed of change is accelerating. The need for geoscientists in achieving net-zero is clear, however how this will take shape is still uncertain. ICE 2023 will feature companies at the forefront of the energy transition, highlighting their ambitions and strategies.

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Please Help Displaced Female Ukrainian Geoscientists Attend ICE 2023
Contribute to the Travel and Accommodation Fund

Geoscientists around the world are finding different opportunities to help their displaced Ukrainian colleagues. A sponsorship drive is underway to contribute monies to fund travel and accommodation in Madrid for Female Ukrainian Geoscientist Refugees and for students from the Ukraine to enable them to come to ICE 2023 to enjoy the learning, networking and knowledge-sharing at the event with other geoscientists from around Europe and beyond. Any contribution would be greatly helpful to allow these professionals the opportunity to enjoy three days of geoscience with fellow professionals. To find out more about ICE attendance sponsorship, email Sue-Ellen Rhine ([email protected]) or Tracy Thompson ([email protected]).

  • The energy transition means a big breakthrough in Geosciences. Innovation and technology will lead a rapid change in thinking, science skills and the origin of creative new ideas. If you are willing to take on the challenge … come to ICE Madrid!

    Maria Josefa Herrero, Student and YP Chair, UCM

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