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Integrated: Geology and Geophysics
Special Sessions
  • Saturday, 04 November
  • Sunday, 05 November
  • Monday, 06 November
  • Tuesday, 07 November
  • Wednesday, 08 November
  • Thursday, 09 November
  • Friday, 10 November
  1. UCM Facultad de Ciencias Geológicas
    Carlos Bueno-Cebollada, Marian Fregenal-Martínez
  2. UCM Facultad de Ciencias Geológicas
    Maria Josefa Herrero, Juan Klimovitz, Rosa María Nieto Prieto, Enrique Hernández Parras
  1. Lobby, Level 3
    09:00 Reconstructing the Variscan Basement Underlying the West Iberian Hyperextended Margin and the Role of Tectonic Inheritance
    B. Amigo Marx*, O. Fernandez, J. Poblet
    09:00 Sedimentology and Stratigraphic Architecture of the Paleocene Fluvio-Estuarine Sequence, Southeastern Llanos Basin, Colombia
    G. C. Rossi, N. Rodriguez*, D. Cuevas, M. Iribarne
  2. Lobby, Level 3
    09:00 Reconstructing the Variscan Basement Underlying the West Iberian Hyperextended Margin and the Role of Tectonic Inheritance
    B. Amigo Marx*, O. Fernandez, J. Poblet
    09:00 Sedimentology and Stratigraphic Architecture of the Paleocene Fluvio-Estuarine Sequence, Southeastern Llanos Basin, Colombia
    G. C. Rossi, N. Rodriguez*, D. Cuevas, M. Iribarne
  3. Lobby, Level 3
    09:00 Combined Use of Petroleum Inclusions Analysis, PVT Simulation, and Basin Modeling for Reconstructing Deep Fluids Phase Evolution in Condensate Gas Reservoirs
    W. Lei*, D. Chen, M. Cheng, Q. Wang
    09:00 Revealing Moisture Effect on Porosity and Methane Adsorption in Kerogens From Shale by Molecular Simulation and Experiment
    W. Li*, C. Snape, L. Stevens
  4. Lobby, Level 3
    09:00 Study on Maturity Evolution of Paleozoic Source Rocks in the Eastern Sichuan Basin, SW China
    X. Liu*, N. Qiu, Q. Feng
    09:00 Hydrocarbon Distribution: Oil and Gas Show Investigation Using Soil Gas Geochemistry Technique, Southern Karoo Basin, South Africa
    C. Motsoaledi*
  5. Lobby, Level 3
    09:00 Exploring the Deep-Seated Paleozoic-Triassic Plays of Kuwait
    T. Al-Adwani*, N. Hawie, M. AbuAli, V. Chilumuri, R. Usta
    09:00 Chasing the Injectite Play in the Northern Viking Graben, Norwegian North Sea
    A. Rumyantseva*, O. Sancheti, J. Mann-Kalil
  6. Lobby, Level 3
    09:00 Shale Gas Distribution Prediction in the Silurian Strata of the Baltic Basin (Poland): Geochemistry, Organic Facies, and Petroleum Generation Modelling Approach
    P. Kosakowski*, D. Botor
    09:00 Evolution and Preservation of Ultra-Deep Liquid Petroleum Reservoirs: The Ordovician of Shunbei Area in the Tarim Basin
    S. Zeng*, N. Qiu, H. Li, J. Gao
  7. Lobby, Level 3
    09:00 Eocene Hybrid Shale Lithofacies and Organic-Matter Enrichment Mechanism in the Saline Lake Basins in Eastern China
    X. Tang*, Z. Guan
    09:00 Generation and Distribution of Overpressure in Ultra-Deep Carbonate Reservoirs Controlled by Intra-Cratonic Strike-Slip Faults: The Ordovician of Shuntuoguole Area in the Tarim Basin
    S. Zeng*, N. Qiu
  8. Lobby, Level 3
    09:00 Review of High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) Middle Jurassic Reservoirs in the Norwegian North Sea
    A. M. Hendry, D. Barshep, R. Gater*, R. Taylor, S. Ingrams, H. Stensland, S. Weber, T. Melgaard, C. Würtzen, C. Østebø, A. Makrygiannis
    09:00 Geological Settings and Depositional Model of Visean Unconventional Plays Within Dnipro-Donets Basin
    S. Levoniuk*, S. Iuras, J. Csizmeg
  9. Lobby, Level 3
    09:00 Review of High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) Middle Jurassic Reservoirs in the Norwegian North Sea
    A. M. Hendry, D. Barshep, R. Gater*, R. Taylor, S. Ingrams, H. Stensland, S. Weber, T. Melgaard, C. Würtzen, C. Østebø, A. Makrygiannis
    09:00 Geological Settings and Depositional Model of Visean Unconventional Plays Within Dnipro-Donets Basin
    S. Levoniuk*, S. Iuras, J. Csizmeg
  10. Lobby, Level 3
    09:00 Fracturing and Cementation During Hydrocarbon Generation in Deep Shale: An example From the Sichuan Basin, China
    S. Ma*, L. Zeng
    09:00 4D Geomechanics New Modelling Approach Using Machine Learning Predictions for Giant North Kuwait Jurassic field
    M. Haas*, N. Al-Hamad, A. M. Hussein, J. Heiland, S. Shekhar, D. N. Srivastava, J. Ramon, M. Abdel-Basset, A. M. Al-Anzi, M. Al-Ajmi, I. Al-Obaidli
  11. Lobby, Level 3
    09:00 Fracturing and Cementation During Hydrocarbon Generation in Deep Shale: An example From the Sichuan Basin, China
    S. Ma*, L. Zeng
    09:00 4D Geomechanics New Modelling Approach Using Machine Learning Predictions for Giant North Kuwait Jurassic field
    M. Haas*, N. Al-Hamad, A. M. Hussein, J. Heiland, S. Shekhar, D. N. Srivastava, J. Ramon, M. Abdel-Basset, A. M. Al-Anzi, M. Al-Ajmi, I. Al-Obaidli
  12. Lobby, Level 3
    09:00 Pore Pressure Evaluation and its Relationship to Stress Regime of Western Onshore, Aru Sub-Basin, Indonesia
    H. Sijabat*, A. Darmawan, A. Kurniawan, R. Pritama
    09:00 Precise Well Placement in a Structurally Complex Fractured Carbonate Reservoir Using Cutting Edge Geo-Steering Technology : A Case Study From Kuwait
    S. Al-Ajmi*, C. Pattnaik, A. Albloushi, H. Ameer, M. Al-Hashash, T. Bloushi, M. Al-Mutawa, M. Al-Ajmi*, R. Dolbier
  13. Lobby, Level 3
    09:00 Tectono-Thermal Evolution of the Asturian Basin (NW Iberian Peninsula) During the Jurassic Extension Responsible for the Bay of Biscay Opening
    H. Uzkeda*, M. Bulnes, J. Poblet
    09:00 Normal Faulting Related to Variscan Orogenic-Wedge Advance in the NW Iberian Peninsula
    J. Poblet*, M. Bulnes, I. García-Zuazua, H. Uzkeda
  1. Madrid 1
    Luis Cabra
    11:30 Panelist Cristina Lobillo, Director of Energy Policy, European Commission
    11:30 Panelist Iman Hill, Executive Director, IOGP
    11:30 Panelist Pratima Rangarajan, Chief Executive Officer, OGCI Climate Investments
    11:30 Panelist Atul Arya, SVP and Chief Energy Strategist, S&P Global
    11:30 Panelist Ana Palacio, Member of the Board, Atlantic Council of the United States
  1. Room Madrid 3
    Batbileg Tegshjargal, Wiebke Athmer
    14:35 PalynofAIcies – Using Artificial Intelligence to Assist Biostratigraphic Analyses
    G. Machado*, L. Strothmann, F. Strothmann
    15:00 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Rapid Interpretation of Paleochannels From Seismic Data in a Complex Geology – The Caste Study From Carpathian Foredeep, Poland
    G. KURZYNOGA, Z. MIGDA, M. TOMASZCZYK, M. Zareba*, M. Servais, G. Baines, F. Jiang, K. Osypov, D. Thomas-Possee, B. Hungund
    15:25 A Novel Method for Pore Pressure Prediction in Deep Strata Based on Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) and Back Propagation Neural Networks (BPNN)
    Q. Wang*, D. Chen, S. Li, Z. Yang
  2. Room Cibeles/Puerta del Sol
    Péter Tóth, Harmonie Wiesenberg
    14:35 The 'Mega-Loop': Improving and Accelerating Decisions
    J. Lynch*, H. Tran, V. Shelkov
    15:00 Rejuvenation on Mature Terra Field, Offshore West Java, Indonesia: Subsurface Data Re-Evaluation of Early Miocene Carbonate Reservoir
    R. W. Widodo*
    15:25 Addressing Subsurface Imaging Challenges for Conventional and Energy Transition Ventures in the South North Sea Using Modern Processing Workflows on Merged Legacy 3D Seismic Data
    D. Rumyantsev*, E. Mueller, M. Ahmed
  3. Room Neptuno/Puerta de Alcala
    Samuel Rivas, Elías Kassabji
    14:35 The TEN Field: Enhanced Understanding of Ntomme Reservoir Architecture and Field Behaviour Through Interpretation of 4D Seismic Data
    D. Scott*, D. McClymont, C. Jones, P. Lynes, B. Cronin
    15:00 A working petroleum system on purely oceanic crust - The Deep-Water Gulf of Guinea off eastern São Tomé and Príncipe Islands
    C. Nino*, F. Silva, D. Rocha, T. Martins, S. Pestana, M. Zubiri
    15:25 Petroleum Systems of the South Caspian Basin: Mud Volcanoes as the Main Pathways for Hydrocarbon Migration
    I. Guliyev, N. Yusubov, S. Huseynova*, S. Bayramova
  4. Madrid 1
    Joseba Murillas
    14:30 Panelist Marc Gerrits, Executive Vice President Exploration, Shell International
    14:30 Panelist Aldo Napolitano, Exploration Director, Eni
    14:30 Panelist Liz Schwarze, Vice President Exploration, Chevron
    14:30 Panelist John Ardill, Vice President and Head of Exploration, ExxonMobil
  1. Madrid 1
    Ricardo Bedregal
    16:30 Speaker R. Bedregal*
    16:30 Speaker P. Riley*
    16:30 Speaker T. Zapata*
    16:30 Speaker O. da Crus Pessao*
  2. Room Madrid 2
    Marcella Cilia, Nidhi Jindal
    16:35 Multi-Parameter Simultaneous Inversion (FWI + LS-RTM) for Improved Imaging and Reservoir Understanding Over a Fault Shadow Zone: A Case Study From the Norwegian Sea.
    Ø. Korsmo*, A. Pankov, C. Reiser
    17:00 Improving Imaging Over Complex Deep-Water Geology in the Gulf of Mexico Through a Multi-Survey FWI
    A. Garcia* Garcia*, J. Ruiz Torres, A. Wisden, J. Graniel, L. Zhang, A. Vazquez Cantu, S. Dominguez Garcia*
    17:25 State-of-the-Art Review of 4D Seismic Development and its Prospects for the Energy Industry
    B. Bassey*
  3. Room Madrid 3
    Sam Morgan, Roderick Perez
    16:35 Supporting Geoscientists to Extract Maximum Information From Core Images Using Artificial Intelligence
    O. Falivene*, N. Auchter, P. Desjardins, L. Kleipool, J. Solum, N. Cilona, G. Astorga, P. Zarian
    17:00 Unlocking The Power of Machine Learning Prediction for Safe Drilling and Geomechanics Applications in Giant North Kuwait Jurassic Field
    S. Shekhar*, D. N. Srivastava, N. Al-Hamad, M. Haas, A. M. Hussein, J. Ramon, J. Heiland, M. Abdel-Basset, A. M. Al-Anzi, M. Al-Ajmi, I. Al-Obaidli
    17:25 An Innovated Workflow for Vug Feature Characterization in Carbonate Reservoir With Oil-based Mud High Resolution Images
    S. Yang*, X. Zhao, F. Pan
  4. Room Cibeles/Puerta del Sol
    Homoud AlAnzi, Mohit Khanna
    16:35 Mixed Carbonate and Siliciclastic Deposition on the Guyana Shelf
    A. M. Hess*, D. A. Armitage, N. Fiptiani, J. De Castilho, R. Margem
    17:00 The Upper Fars Formation Depositional Setting and Exploration Potential (South Kurdistan Region, Northern Iraq)
    R. Di Cuia*, A. Ricciato, S. Borello
    17:25 A Progradational, Tide-Influenced Delta Deposited During a Jurassic Marine Transgression; Yme Field, Norwegian North Sea
    D. A. Armitage*, A. Jimenez Berrocoso, S. J. Foss, S. S. Gundersen
  5. Neptuno/Puerta de Alcala
    16:30 Opportunity in Regrowth Z. Suren*
  1. Lobby, Level 3
    09:00 Impact of Chlorites on the Wettability of Low-Permeability Sandstone Reservoirs: A Case Study in the Upper Triassic Yanchang Formation, Ordos Basin, China
    Z. Wang*, X. Luo, K. Liu, H. Yan, Y. Wei, Y. Jiang, G. Zheng, Y. Zhang
    09:00 Influence Factors of Shale Oil Mobility and Evaluation: Implications for Enhanced Oil Recovery
    H. Jiang*, J. Ma, D. Li
  2. Lobby, Level 3
    09:00 Unveiling the Architectural Elements of Deepwater Potential Play in the Southern Andaman Sea, Offshore North Sumatra Basin
    M. Arisandy*, W. Nasifi, F. Korah, H. Darmawan, R. Kahar, A. Aliyah, S. Dawing, A. Huslan
    09:00 Late Cretaceous Turbidite and Channel-Levee System in a Mélange Zone: A Case Study of the Fayah Formation in Batain Mélange, Northeastern Oman
    I. Ahmed Abbasi*, J. Attar, A. Al-Harthy, M. El-Ghali
  3. Lobby, Level 3
    09:00 Hemipelagites and Eventites Deposited After the Break-Up of a Lower Jurassic Carbonate Platform (Pliensbachian-Aalenian, Subbetic, Betic Cordillera, Spain)
    J. M. Molina*, L. Nieto, M. Reoilid, A. Fraguas
    09:00 Benthic Foraminiferal Morphogroups at the Guadalupian-Lopingian Boundary in Eastern Sichuan Basin, China
    Y. Peng*
  4. Lobby, Level 3
    09:00 Identifying the Impact of Sedimentary Paleoarchitectures in Reservoir Distribution Using Spectral Decomposition in the Central Moesian Platform, South of Romania
    A. I. Hrimiuc*, C. V. Panait, D. Ciudin, R. M. Dudus
    09:00 Sedimentary System and Controlling Factors of Reservoir Development of Deep-Water Carbonate Rocks: A Case Study of Cretaceous Khasib Formation of Middle East
    J. Zhang*
  5. Lobby, Level 3
    09:00 Photogrammetric 3D Geological Outcrop Model of the Cambro-Ordovician Fluvial Saq Formation: Implications to Sedimentological Heterogeneity and Lateral Continuity, Saudi Arabia
    M. Osman*, A. Adam, M. Bashri
    09:00 Estimation of Far Field Signature From Near Field Hydrophone Data Using Artificial Neural Network
    A. Vishwakarma*, S. KUMAR, D. JANI
  6. Lobby, Level 3
    09:00 Photogrammetric 3D Geological Outcrop Model of the Cambro-Ordovician Fluvial Saq Formation: Implications to Sedimentological Heterogeneity and Lateral Continuity, Saudi Arabia
    M. Osman*, A. Adam, M. Bashri
    09:00 Estimation of Far Field Signature From Near Field Hydrophone Data Using Artificial Neural Network
    A. Vishwakarma*, S. KUMAR, D. JANI
  7. Lobby, Level 3
    09:00 An Extended Elastic Impedance Method and its Application to Detect Carbonate Reservoir
    Z. Yonggang*
    09:00 Velocity–Porosity–Mineralogy Trends in Consolidated Carbonate Reservoirs
    A. Alabbad*, J. Dvorkin
  8. Lobby, Level 3
    09:00 Application of Full-Waveform Inversion for Mesozoic Targets in the Campeche Area of the Gulf of Mexico: A Marine Case Study
    J. Izquierdo Hernandez*, W. Kang, A. Alipi, J. Jurado, A. Wisden, M. Acosta Perez, S. Dominguez Garcia, J. Diaz de León, A. Vazquez Cantu
    09:00 Using Geophysical Methods to De-Risk a Frontier Deep Water Basin Offshore Somalia
    M. Sanchez*, D. Mujica, K. Casey
  9. Lobby, Level 3
    09:00 Advanced Imaging Utilizing MAZ Towed Multisensor Streamer Seismic for Better Structural Interpretation
    C. M. Lazizi*, J. Beenfeldt, E. Müller, S. Möller
    09:00 Investigating Salt Diapir Geometry and Caprock Composition on Gravity Survey Data
    J. Mrlina*, R. Beranek
  10. Lobby, Level 3
    09:00 Reservoir Architecture of Deep-Water Gravity Flow Deposition in Rifted Lacustrine Basin: A Case Study From Middle Sub-Member of Es3 in the SS100 Area, Dongying Depression
    Z. Gao*, S. Wu
    09:00 Accelerating the Exploration, Appraisal, and Development Cycle: Lessons From B29 Project Offshore Mexico
    M. Gonzalez Quijano*, L. Villalobos, T. Zapata, E. Aguilera, A. Ranero
  11. Lobby, Level 3
    09:00 New Insights Into the Structural Configuration of the Tinamú and Leyenda-Kimera Discoveries, A Successful Near-Field Exploration Campaign of the Prolific Castilla Trend, Llanos Basin - Colombia.
    J. Gelvez*, Y. Estevez, E. Torres, O. Sanchez, J. Martinez, D. Peña, C. Restrepo, M. Acosta, M. Avendaño, L. Villalobos, T. Zapata
    09:00 Exploring Mechanisms of Porosity Enhancement in Complex Clastic Reservoirs: Insights From the Maracangalha Formation, Recôncavo Basin, Brazil
    L. Neves*, C. Guedes, F. Vesely
  1. Madrid 1
    David Ramos
    09:30 Panelist Rosa Maria Prieto, Technical Services Director, Enagas
    09:30 Panelist Marie Planckaert, Vice President of Exploration Carbon Storage, Total
    09:30 Panelist Chris A. Powers, Vice President of Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage, Chevron
    09:30 Panelist Jon Story, Executive Vice President of M&A and Portfolio, Storegga
  2. Room Madrid 2
    Olumide Akande, Sumon Bhattacharyya
    09:35 Application of XGboost and Bagging-Random Forest for Evaluating and Predicting Fault Seals: A Case Study in the Bohai Bay Basin, Eastern China
    Q. Wang*, D. Chen, F. Wang*
    10:00 Architecture of Tectonic Sequences, Depositional Systems, and Salt Tectonics to Strike-Slip Faulting Controls in Kribi-Campo-Cameroon Atlantic Margin (West African Margin): Seismic Attribute Analysis Approach With Python Programming and Machine Learning to Improve the Geological Seismic Interpretation
    J. B. Iboum Kissaaka*, C. Ngum Tchioben
    10:25 Automation of Infill Well and Wellhead Platform Optimization Using Cluster Development Strategy in the Gulf of Thailand
    L. Chaipornkaew*, C. Pipatchatchawal, K. Wongpattananukul, W. Promrak, T. Tangmanakitkamjai, P. Ongmongkolkul, P. Ekkawong
  3. Room Madrid 3
    Pujianto Lukito, Antony Price
    09:35 Thrubit Cased Hole Sonic Far Field Fracture Evaluation Takes Tight Carbonate Reservoir Characterization One Step Ahead in Greater Burgan Field
    H. Al-Behbehani*, V. Naik, H. Hassan, S. Almansour, O. Nohut, F. Albannay, M. Abdeldayim
    10:00 Seismic Interpretability Improvement Through a Novel 3D Seismic Reprocessing in a Fold and Thrust Belt (FTB) Environment Data in Southern Bolivia
    J. Omana*, J. Aristizabal, C. Gorian, C. Restrepo, C. Lupascu, G. Victor Higo, L. Villalobos, T. Zapata
    10:25 PSDM Velocity Model Building in Complex Structure Land Environments Using Convolutional Neural Networks
    G. Cameron*, T. MacArthur, R. Vestrum
  4. Room Cibeles/Puerta del Sol
    Victor Gabrielyants, Dominic Armitage
    09:35 Deep-Water Intraslope Sand Ponding on Transform Margins
    B. Cronin*, M. Nemcok, H. doran, M. Makhubele, R. mecklenburgh, B. Wigley, G. Hartman, M. Ragazzi
    10:00 Seismo-Stratigraphic Analysis of Tumbes-Progreso Basin and E&P Implications (Peru)
    M. Oviedo*, V. Carlotto, L. Gicquel
    10:25 Controls of Deep-Water Sand-Rich Turbidite Deposits in Icehouse and Greenhouse Settings: A Stratigraphic Forward Modeling Approach
    O. Falivene*, B. Prather, P. Burgess
  5. Room Neptuno/Puerta de Alcala
    Mohsen Bazargan, Ehsan Daneshvar
    09:35 Evolution of Core Acquisition in Low and Very Low Unconsolidated Reservoirs in Offshore Mexico: Whole Cores and Sidewall Cores
    A. Martin Vicente*, K. E. Perez, L. Villalobos
    10:00 Characterization and Reliability Verification of Strike-Slip Fault Controlled Fracture Vuggy Reservoirs: A Case Study in Fuman Area, Tarim Basin, China
    P. Cao*
    10:25 Formation Mechanism and Geological Significance of High-Quality Porous Reservoirs Deeper Than 7500m in Kuqa Depression, NW China
    Q. Zeng*, J. Zhao
  1. Madrid 1
    Max Brouwers
    11:30 Panelist Robert Winsloe, EVP, Eavor Origination
    11:30 Panelist Angelika Zartl-Klik, SVP Renewable and Geothermal Energy, OMV
    11:30 Panelist Ann Robertson-Tait, President, GeothermEx
    11:30 Panelist Jan-Henk van Konijnenberg, Head of Europe and Africa Region for Metals Exploration, BHP
    11:30 Panelist Horst Kreuter, Director, Vulcan Energy Resources Ltd.
  2. Room Madrid 2
    Christoph G. Eichkitz, Bishnu Kumar
    11:35 Realizations and Scenarios: Exploring the Uncertainty of Petrophysical Variables With a Spatial Prediction Machine Learning Model
    C. Daly*
    12:00 Geophysical Forward and Inverse Adversarial Methods: A Case Study in Well Logging
    R. Shao*, L. Xiao, Y. Shi, G. Liao
    12:25 A Novel Static and Non-Dimensional Reservoir Uncertainty Evaluation Through Training Images and Dedicated Structural Workflows: NPV and STOIIP Assessment for Two North Sea Case Studies
    S. Rivas-Dorado*, A. Diaz, A. Hesham
  3. Room Madrid 3
    Cayo Pontes, Carlos Giraldo
    11:35 Mode II Positive Inversion: Reflection Seismic Examples and Physical Modeling
    G. Tari*, A. Tamas, D. M. Tamas
    12:00 Extension of Kimmeridgian Carbonate Play Basinward Tampico-Misantla Basin, Mexico
    E. Aguilera*, W. Hermoza, M. Bonora, R. Loma-Villacorta
    12:25 Cenozoic Tectono-Stratigraphy Evolution of the Forearc Pisco Basin. Central Peru
    G. Zamora*, S. Rojas, I. Perez-Baroja, A. Olaiz, C. Garcia-Mojonero
  4. Room Cibeles/Puerta del Sol
    Juan Soto, Bryan Cronin
    11:35 A Model for Carbonate Fairway Deposition on the Mid-Somalia High, East Africa
    K. Schofield*, M. Sanchez, K. Casey
    12:00 Dolostone Reservoirs Controlled by Marine Dolomitization and Subsequent Tectonic-Hydrothermal Alteration Near a Strike-Slip Fault System: The Middle Permian From the Central Sichuan Basin (SW China)
    L. Pan*, F. Liang
    12:25 Understanding Reservoir Zones With Biogenically Influenced Flow Media, Aruma Formation, Central Saudi Arabia
    N. A. Saraih*, H. Eltom, R. Goldstein, S. Whattam, J. Humphrey, S. Hanafy, A. El-Husseiny
  5. Room Neptuno/Puerta de Alcala
    Zhi Li, Lawrie Cowliff
    11:35 Gain Insights Into the History and Properties of a Reservoir by Integrating Geosteering Outputs: A Case Study of YME (Norway)
    R. Palomino*, T. SACILOTO REAL, W. Abraham
    12:00 Speculating About the Origin of the Late Calcite: A Case Study From Brazilian Presalt, Santos Basin
    R. Loma-Villacorta*, H. Borges-Renke, C. Manrique, A. Mattos da Cruz
    12:25 Comprehensive Evaluation of the Organic-Rich Saline Lacustrine Shale in Lucaogou Formation, Jimusar Sag, Junggar Basin, NW China.
    Y. Cao*, Z. Jin, R. Zhu, K. Liu
  1. Madrid 1
    Jarand Rystad
    14:30 Speaker J. Rystad*
    14:30 Speaker J. Vicente*
    14:30 Speaker C. Gil*
    14:30 Speaker G. Baquero*
  2. Room Madrid 2
    Gil Machado, Juan Pita Gutierrez
    14:35 How to Overcome the Challenges of Numerical Modelling of CO2 Storage in Aquifers
    B. Moradi*, S. Hattingh, C. Freeman
    15:00 An Integrated Biogeomechanical Approach for Assessment of Biogeo-Chemo-Mechanical Process for Improving CO2 Sequestration
    O. Kolawole*, O. Ozotta
    15:25 Advancing Carbon Capture and Storage in the Gulf of Mexico: Methodologies, Challenges, and Opportunities
    W. Hermoza*, C. Coble, C. Moore, I. Ruiz, M. Kim, L. Benkovics, A. Rider
  3. Room Cibeles/Puerta del Sol
    Jingao Zhou, Sean Davids
    14:35 Evolution of the Seismic Character of Slope/Basinal Resedimente Deposits From Shallow-Water Carbonate Structures Over Geologic Time
    M. Badali'*
    15:00 Carbonate Diagenetic Evolution in Thrust-Fault System: Integrated Stable Isotope and Trace Element Analysis
    T. E. Putra*, S. Anastasia, D. F. Dzakirin, R. W. Widodo, N. Desiani
    15:25 Distribution of Organic Matter Under an Isochronous Sequence Stratigraphic Framework, Qingshankou Formation Shale, Gulong Sag, Songliao Basin
    T. Zhang*, R. Zhu, Y. Cai, H. Wang, D. Lv, H. Zhou, X. Fu, Y. Feng, Z. Yang, H. Liu
  4. Room Neptuno/Puerta de Alcala
    Graeme Bagley, Nikolaos Lykakis
    14:35 An Uncertainty Approach to Modeling the Petroleum System of a Frontier Basin, Offshore Somali
    K. Casey*, K. Schofield, M. Sanchez, J. Pantano
    15:00 Probability of Geological Success (PoS) for Offshore Uruguay Plays and Prospects
    B. Conti*, P. Rodríguez, J. Marmisolle, R. Novo, P. Gristo
    15:25 Top Down Petroleum Analysis of Spatial Variation of Hydrocarbon Properties and Application: A Case Study of the Jabung Area in the South Sumatra Basin
    F. Wang*, T. Zhao, S. Yao, H. Wang*, H. ZHU, Z. He
  5. Room Madrid 3
    Talal Al-Adwani, Paul Binns
    14:35 Chasing Giant Oil Discoveries of the Arabian Platform in Southeastern Turkey
    M. A. Sunnetcioglu*, T. Ozdogan
    15:00 Investigating the Impact of Diagenesis on Reservoir Quality Evolution of Shallow Marine Sandstones: An Example From the Cambro-Ordovician Saq Formation, Central Saudi Arabia
    A. M. Bello*, A. Salisu, A. Alqubalee, A. Amao, K. Al-Ramadan
    15:25 Impact of the Syrian-Arc System and Miocene Red Sea Rift Tectonics on the Source Rocks of the East Beni Suef Basin, Egypt
    A. Y. Tawfik*, R. Ondrak, G. Winterleitner, M. Mutti
  1. Madrid 1
    16:30 Panelist Mark Ackiewicz, Director, DE (Office of Carbon Management Technologies)
  2. Room Madrid 2
    Spyridon Bellas, Marcella Cilia
    16:35 Repurposing an Offshore Oil Well as a Deep Borehole Heat Exchanger: A UK Case Study
    I. Kolo*, C. S. Brown, G. Falcone, B. Harrison
    17:00 Enhanced Geothermal Systems Reservoir and Induced Seismic Hazard Assessment Using Hybrid K-Means Clustering and Data Fusion
    S. Hanson-Hedgecock*, V. Vilarrasa
    17:25 Unveiling Geothermal Potential in the Riyadh Region
    A. Alghamdi*, F. Alonaizi
  3. Room Madrid 3
    Peter Krois, Antonio Martin Monge
    16:30 An Old Foe Becomes a Friend: Organic Sulfur Kinetics as a Tool to Differentiate Organic Facies in Complex Petroleum Systems
    H. Carvajal Ortiz*, T. Gentzis
    16:55 Identifying Vitrinite Reflectance Suppression Through Large-Scale Regional 3D Petroleum Systems Modeling: A Case Study From Offshore Southeast Asia
    J. O. Grimmer*
    17:20 Insights Into the Exploration Potential of the Central and Western Ceará Basin (Brazil Equatorial Margin) Using 2D Petroleum System Modeling and Geochemistry
    S. Mehay, N. Achu Teumahji*, E. Mavridou, R. Ysaccis, O. Schenk, K. Kornpihl
  4. Room Cibeles/Puerta del Sol
    Shahzad Ulhaq, Dragos Cristea
    16:35 Tectonic Wedging Along the Frontal N Carpathians: Comparison of Kraków-Debica (Poland) and Sambir-Borislav (Ukraine) Zones
    P. Krzywiec*, A. Bubniak, I. Bubniak, N. Oszczypko, L. Slonka, I. Mikhalevich, S. Bezteleznyi
    17:00 Decreasing Uncertainty for Geological Interpretation of Seismic Data in Fold and Thrust Belts: A Case Study Margarita Field Trend, Southern Bolivia
    J. Aristizabal*, G. Zamora, C. Restrepo, G. Victor Higo, L. Villalobos, T. Zapata
    17:25 Impact of Inversion Tectonics on the Hydrocarbon Trap Development in the Qom-Saveh Area: Insights from the Western Alborz Oilfield, Central Iran
    S. Nikpoosh, Z. Tajmir Riahi, B. Soleimany*
  1. Lobby, Level 3
    09:00 Prediction of Hydrocarbon Resource Abundance Based on Artificial Neural Network Method: A Case Study From Dongpu Depression, Bohai Bay Basin, China
    Z. Yang*, D. Chen, Q. Wang, F. Wang, S. Li
    09:00 Virtual Geological Outcrops and Their Applications in Petroleum Geology - Case Studies From Western Ukraine
    M. Oliinyk*, A. Bubniak, I. Bubniak, Y. Shylo
  2. Lobby, Level 3
    09:00 Impactful Jurassic Exploration Success in West Kuwait
    B. Chakrabarti, T. Al-Adwani, N. Al-Amar, A. Al-Rukaibi, A. Abu Ghneej, T. Al-Meshilah*, Y. Al-Ajlan
    09:00 Integrated 3D Geometrical and Property Modeling of the East Beni Suef Basin, Egypt
    A. Y. Tawfik*, G. Winterleitner, M. Mutti
  3. Lobby, Level 3
    09:00 The Bunter Sandstone CO2 Storage Complex of the Southern North Sea: Reservoir and Seal Characterisation
    M. N. Shiers*, N. W. Paterson, A. Szulc, S. Schneider, A. C. Morton, C. S. Pierce, M. A. Pointon, S. J. Vincent
    09:00 Free Gas Resources of the BILCHE-VOLYTSYA OGR of the Precarpathian Mountains and Optimal Pathways for Their Further Development
    T. Tsikhon*
  4. Lobby, Level 3
    09:00 Exploring CO2 Utilization Strategies in Shale: Enhancing Hydrocarbon Production, Sealing Efficiency, and Long-Term CO2 Storage
    C. Onwumelu*, O. Kolawole, O. Ozotta
    09:00 A Workflow for the Qualitative Assessment of Well Borehole Integrity for Vintage Wells in Geological Carbon Storage (GCS) Projects
    A. Carrasco*, D. García Fdez.-Valderrama, F. Pángaro
  5. Lobby, Level 3
    09:00 Spatial Variations in Mineral Composition of Mudstones From the Lower–Middle Pleistocene Kazusa Group in the Tokyo Bay area, Japan: Implications for CO2-Brine-Caprock Interaction in Geological Carbon Storage
    S. Watanuki*, K. Nifuku, Y. Kobayashi, M. Ito
    09:00 Present-Day Geothermal Regime of the Junggar Basin, West China
    C. Li*, J. Chang, N. Qiu, H. Guo, X. Shan, B. Peng
  6. Lobby, Level 3
    09:00 Carbon Storage Site Screening in Saline Aquifers: Scalable Dynamic and Static Methods at Basin Scale
    J. Hidalgo Calderon, C. A. Sanchez Torres*
    09:00 Geothermal Potential of Ukraine
    Y. Demchuk*, H. Liventseva, T. Popadynets
  7. Lobby, Level 3
    09:00 Monte Carlo Modeling Sensitivity Analysis of Carbon Dioxide Saturation From Multi-Detector Pulsed-Neutron Characterization for Geosequestration Monitoring Applications
    I. McGlynn*, D. Chace, F. Inanc
    09:00 Thermophysical Properties Surface Rocks and Thermal Structure of Lithosphere in the Pearl River Delta
    K. Liao*, N. Qiu
  8. Lobby, Level 3
    09:00 Natural (Gold) Hydrogen Exploration: Some Similarities and Differences With Oil and Gas Exploration
    G. Tari*
    09:00 Relative Permeability Sensitivities and the Impact on Dynamic Capacities, Reservoir Performance, and Plume Extent for CO2 Saline Storage in Offshore Gulf of Mexico
    C. Moore*, W. Hermoza, I. Ruiz, C. Coble, A. Rider, L. Benkovics
  9. Lobby, Level 3
    09:00 A Practical Automated Methodology for Quantitative Measurements of Grain Size, Roundness, and Sphericity in Clastic Thin Sections Using Machine Learning and Image Processing
    M. A. Al Ibrahim*, M. A. Masrahy, V. S. Pathi
    09:00 Research on Artificial Intelligent Recognition Technology of Carbonate Thin Sections Based on Deep-Learning
    J. Zhang*
  10. Lobby, Level 3
    09:00 Multi-Scale Simulation of Permeability and Porosity in a Carbonate Core Plug Using X-Ray Micro-Computed Tomography and Machine Learning
    M. S. Jouini*
    09:00 Challenges in Digital Geology Data: Utilizing Digitally-Processed Grain Size Data in Textural Analysis, in Bamboo Sub-Basin, Muglad Rift Basin
    Y. Y. Fadlelmula*, M. Adeleye, O. Adeigbe, Y. Ali, I. Yousif
  1. Madrid 1
    Andy Latham
    09:30 Speaker A. Latham*
    09:30 Speaker A. Cozzi*
    09:30 Speaker D. Anestoudis*
  2. Room Madrid 2
    Kanchan Dasgupta, Marie Etchebes
    09:35 Re-Framing Oil and Gas Assets for Geothermal Applications
    A. Rider*, L. Benkovics, W. Hermoza, C. Moore, I. Ruiz, C. Coble
    10:00 Geothermal Exploration in Gran Canaria Spain: MT and Gravity Acquisition Case Study Focused on Low Carbon Emissions and Digitalization
    G. Marro*, A. Olaiz, S. Chaves, A. Arnáiz Giménez-Coral, I. García-Saiz, J. Torres Torremocha, A. García-Craviotto, J. Diez-Masip, M. Torrado, A. Ambrogio
    10:25 Using an O&G Approach and Dataset to Unlock the Geothermal Potentials in Fractured Carbonates Rocks: A Case Study of an Old Hydrocarbon Field
    R. Di Cuia*
  3. Room Madrid 3
    Matt Silverman, Jorge Navarro Comet
    09:35 Surface Geochemical Exploration After 100 Years: Lessons Learned and What More Must Be Done
    D. Schumacher*
    10:00 Beginnings of Seismic Surveying in the N Carpathians and the Carpathian Foreland Basin (SE Poland and W Ukraine)
    P. Krzywiec*, I. Bubniak, A. Bubniak, L. Slonka, A. Stachowska
    10:25 From the Gulf of Cadiz to the Gharb Basin: What is Next?
    C. Giraldo*
  4. Room Cibeles/Puerta del Sol
    Sadegh Adineh, Nick O'Neill
    09:35 Structural Evolution of the Handun Salt Diapir, Zagros Fold and Thrust Belt
    M. Snidero*, J. Muñoz, P. Santolaria, P. Granado
    10:00 Tectonic Setting Around a Thermogenic Gas Discovery Offshore Morocco (Gharb Basin)
    C. Giraldo*
    10:25 An Example of Mud Volcanoes in a Structurally Complex Setting in Offshore Mexico
    M. Bonelli*, W. Hermoza, E. Aguilera, V. Castillo, M. Bonora
  5. Room Neptuno/Puerta de Alcala
    Daniel Jarvie, Karen Wagner
    09:35 Petroleum Systems in the Moesian Platform - Romania, Insights From Hydrocarbon and Source Rock Geochemistry
    C. Ungureanu, R. F. Olaru-Florea*, V. Cujba
    10:00 A Potential Pre-Break-Up Cretaceous Petroleum System: The Next Big Exploration Focus on the Suriname-Guyana Margin
    Z. Sontohartono*
    10:25 New Insights Into the Quality of the Cook Formation Sands, Northern Viking Graben
    I. Pene*, I. Kjørlaug
  1. Madrid 1
    Graeme Bagley
    11:30 Speaker G. Bagley*
    11:30 Speaker N. Feast*
  2. Room Madrid 3
    Piotr Krzywiec, Maria Angela Capello
    11:35 A Historical Overview of Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production in Spain
    J. Navarro Comet*
    12:00 100 Years of Seismic Reflection Method: Past, Present, and Future of the Method Which Changed the Hydrocarbons Explorations and Production
    M. Di Giulio*
    12:25 HC Discoveries in Carbonate Reservoirs in the Mediterranean Sea: A Story Without an End
    A. Ricciato, R. Di Cuia*
  3. Room Madrid 2
    Friso Veenstra, Nicole Masurek
    11:35 Europe's First Natural Hydrogen Project in Aragon, Spain
    I. Munro*
    12:00 Exploration for Natural Hydrogen in Officer Basin, Western Australia Using Open-File Data
    B. Evans*, R. Rezaee
    12:25 Geological Screening for Underground Hydrogen Storage in Salt Caverns
    S. Subías*, A. Herra, R. Pérez, J. Trigo
  4. Room Cibeles/Puerta del Sol
    Stephen OConnor, Gerardo Gaitan
    11:35 New Exploration Model for Jurassic Fractured Reservoirs in South and West Kuwait
    B. Chakrabarti*, T. Al-Adwani, N. Al-Amar, A. Al-Otaibi, F. Al-Enizi, D. Djanawir, H. Al-Shuwaiyea
    12:00 Assessing the Potential of Unexplored Fractured Siliciclastic Reservoirs in the Prapat Formation, North Sumatra Using the Integration of Borehole Image Log and Sonic Log
    A. Ramadhan*, E. Adhiansyah, N. Adani, T. Octaviani, A. K. Panguriseng
    12:25 Calibrating the Dimensions of Simulated Hydraulic Fractures Against Natural Examples: Preserving Sublinear Scaling and Implications for Engineering Solutions
    S. Rivas-Dorado*, A. Diaz, A. Hesham
  5. Room Neptuno/Puerta de Alcala
    Antonio Olaiz, Yasmin Roberts
    11:35 The Impact of Seismic Geometry on Facies-Based Inversion
    A. Teitel*, A. Snowling, A. Crook, M. Montano, M. Naghizadeh
    12:00 Use of Direct Hydrocarbon Indicators for Characterization of Reservoir Fault Compartmentalization Below Seismic Resolution
    E. Aguilera*, M. Gonzalez Quijano
    12:25 Fractured Reservoir Prediction Based on Pre-Stack Azimuthal Anisotropic Seismic Data
    X. Fei*, Z. Shi, B. Chen, L. Xue, L. Ma
  1. Room Madrid 2
    Maria Mutti, Francesca Salvi
    14:35 Fault Stability Analysis Workflow for CCS Projects: From the 1D Geomechanical Model to the Fault Stability Evaluation
    O. De Mena*, J. Fernandes
    15:00 Interactive Rock Physics Modelling for CCS and Near Field Exploration: A UK Southern North Sea Case Study
    C. Reiser*
    15:25 Comparing CO2 Storage Resource Reporting Systems
    B. Harrison*, G. Falcone
  2. Room Madrid 3
    Elena-Rodica Stoica-Negulescu, Harald Granser
    14:35 Geological Interpretation of Reservoir Seismic Amplitude Responses: Example From North Western Australia
    M. Farfour, H. Y. Al- Awah*
    15:00 Stochastic Seismic Inversion for High-Resolution Carbonate Reservoir Characterization
    W. Alward*
    15:25 Application of S1 (Fast Shear Waves) and S2 (Slow Shear waves) Components for Locating Fractures in San Andres Carbonate Rocks, Permian Basin Texas
    I. Aluka*
  3. Room Cibeles/Puerta del Sol
    Kara Philippe, Phil Mollicone
    14:35 Finding New Pays in Old Fields and Old Plays: New Applications for Surface Geochemical Exploration in Mature Basins
    D. Schumacher*, L. Clavareau
    15:00 Potential of cEOR in Argentina: Development, Opportunities, and Challenges
    J. L. Massaferro*
    15:25 First Major Nanushuk Development on Alaska’s North Slope Aims to Rejuvenate Mature Super-Basin
    M. Finotello*, J. R. Bonelli, W. Martinez, T. Zapata